Fin DAC makes large murals of beautiful women, taking a new turn on 19-century art movement The Aesthetics. He believes, so did the Aesthetics, that art should not be political or social, it should only serve a purpose of bare embellishment of mundane lives. The purpose of art is to bring the beauty to the world. Being that the leading idea in street art is the social and political engagement, Fin DAC chose his theme to be a bit different. His murals depict beautiful women, with eye masks, who wear gorgeous clothes and elegant makeup. He named his style Urban Aesthetics, in which he combines the modern urban stencil art and traditional art of portrait.

Female Beauty and the Mystery of Masks

The women he portrays are the real girls, who he met on various occasions. Their beauty is more than just the looks. He portrays them in ethnic clothing, with distinctive makeup and stylish jewelry, pointing out the significant appeal of variety. They come from different countries, with different styles, and everything that they represent plays a large role in Fin DAC’s artistic journey. The one thing this artist never revealed is the origin and the meaning of the masks the women are always wearing. The masks are painted with color splashes, that usually complement the entire appearance. He paints caucasian, black and Asian women, stressing out the authentic appeal all these women have, fighting against the stereotypes and giving them the opportunity to display their personal characteristics without prejudiced assumptions.

Info from Widewalls

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