Portrait photographer Kate Garner, who was already known as part of the new-wave pop project Haysi Fantayzee, spotted Kate Moss early in 1989 amongst the hundreds of model cards at the Storm model agency. Just a few months later Kate Garner snapped a mini-series of images with Kate Moss in a hotel room, illuminated by the blocks of light through the window. At the time, Kate Moss was only 16 years old and had been signed to the Storm Model Management, but was unknown to the fashion world. It was this subsequent photoshoot with Kate Garner, which launched her into a career as one of the most famous fashion models of her generation.

This was one of Kate Moss earliest photoshoots, but also happened to be her most controversial. At the age of 16, Kate Moss posed for portrait photographer Kate Garner in nothing more than her underwear, a pair of ill-fitting high heels and a teddy bear. Recalling the shoot, Garner said: “Kate still hadn’t broken through the battle line of the supermodels of that time. I wanted to show the glamour that we could see underneath the waif portrayal.” The shot of Kate Moss clasping a teddy bear while wearing thigh-high black stockings is an iconic milestone-portrait of Kate Moss as it shows her line between girlhood and adulthood. Garner recalls that the teddy bear, which she’d brought to the shoot, was “thrust into Moss’s hands to keep her breasts secret.” And Kate Garner, who was once a model herself, immediately recognized herself in Kate Moss: “Having been a skinny, very young-looking, baby-faced adolescent growing up in the ’70s in England, I had had people react to that nubile sexuality in a strong way throughout my life.”

Now 27 years later Kate Moss is one of the most influential women of our age and one of fashion’s most recognisable faces. Kate Garner is today a famous portrait photographer and artist, who has taken portraits of some of the most famous icons in the fashion and film world in England and the USA. Her work has appeared in all the most famous fashion and art magazines and has been exhibited around the world.

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