Dutch artist Handiedan‘s artistic universe revolves around some leading visual motifs and yet it amazes thanks to its complexity, both in terms of formal composition and in terms of the collage technique she uses for making them. These two aspects together determine the irresistible charm of her art.


Undisputed protagonists of Handiedan‘s sculptural digital and hand-cut collages, her artwork immediately recall the burlesque genre, with the female subject looks like something in between an orientally adorned femme fatale from a noir film, a sexually joyful pin-up from a 1950’s calendar and a tattooed rockabilly gal. However if we look into them further many sources of inspiration are revealed: the Neo-Classical and Victorian ages, the Parisian Belle Époque, up to the 1940’s and Post-War sexy imagery.

New print by Handiedan.

PhoArt Print Giglée. Innova FibaPrint Ultra Smooth Gloss
16.5 x 19.25″ / 42 x 49 cm
Signed, numbered and logo embossed .Edition size: 77.
€100.00. On sale HERE

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